Corporate Partners

Support us financially in the purchase of our Maryland
Vacation home to be used at no-cost by adoptive, foster and
special needs families.

We will show our appreciation by sending your business a photo book filled with
stories of adoptive, foster, and special needs families who will benefit from your
support. Additionally, your business will be featured in our E-Newsletter as well
as on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

In addition to the benefits of a Roots donor, your business will also have a feature
article in our E-Newsletter, be permanently featured on our website, in our
annual Giving Tuesday video, and on promotional materials given out at events.

Your business will receive all the benefits of Branches and Roots donors, as well
as be featured as one of our Blossom Corporate Partners in our Maryland
Vacation home. Your business name will be displayed on a permanent plaque in
the room of your choice and guests will know that your business plays an ongoing
role in giving their family the gift of vacation. Donors giving $50,000 will be
featured in a bedroom, those donating $75,000 or more will be featured in a
living space such as kitchen, living room, or outdoor space.

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