About Us

Our Story

Cherry Blossom Vacations was founded in 2021 to gift a vacation home stay to adoptive, foster, and families of children with a disability.  Like a cherry blossom tree in spring, vacations should be a time to experience something new.  New experiences and new memories.  When a family vacations in a Cherry Blossom vacation home, they will experience a time of fun, rest, and relaxation that can be difficult for these families to find in the stress of everyday life.  

Our founder and board members understand the stress adoption, fostering, or living with a disability can cause. We understand because we live it along side our families. As parents, family members, and doctors, we see the challenges that families face in trying to enjoy vacation. We have lived it first hand when our vacations don’t go as planned or happen at all.

Research and our own experience show that these families often forgo vacations due to financial, time, accessibility, or safety concerns related to caring for their children. Cherry Blossom Vacations exists to take the financial burden of a vacation home and replace it with unique extras families need to make their vacation as unique as our vacationing families.  Wheelchair accessibility, safety features, and opportunities for fun with activities that many families do not get to experience at home.  We are fundraising to purchase a vacation home owned by Cherry Blossom Vacations and our vision is to use that home to give these families the opportunity to enjoy vacationing again.

If you are an adoptive, foster, or family with a disabled child, apply for a no-cost vacation stay at one of our Getaway Vacation Homes. Or join us in providing these families the opportunity to experience vacation like it was meant to be by donating or volunteering.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide adoptive, foster, and families with a disabled child with the gift of a fun and relaxing vacation. We accomplish this mission by gifting families a no-cost stay at our vacation home and take away the largest expense of a vacation, allowing these families the chance to vacation more often and with less stress.

Our core values are fun and family. We believe that it is important for the entire family to have the chance to make new memories and have new experiences together. The stress that comes with these unique family situations impacts not only parents but also siblings and children with a disability each in their own way. That is why we invite the entire family to get away and find fun by vacationing the way it was meant to be. Diversity and inclusion are as important to us as they are to these families. We strive to include all families and volunteers regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and ability.

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